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"How To"

First, as these are custom sized, printed and produced specifically for each and every customer - there are no limitations on designing a unique print for your home or office. So, let's get started.

Step 1 - Image Selection

Select a print you'd like to customize. Under each print, you will see the minimum size available. Any of the prints can be printed above that size (yes, including a 60" x 40" Metallic Paper print!) and once you've selected your image, move on to Step 2.

Step 2 - Sizing

Measure the wall space that you'd like to hang the finished print, which typically will include the frame. Not to worry, I'll figure out the actual finished image size and as these are hand printed, there are nearly endless options! To help with sizing, many "gallery prints" are framed to an overall size of about 28" - 30" wide and about 23" - 26" in height and are able to be hung nearly anywhere throughout your home or office. So, when you order, simply let us know the finished framed size! Have a question in figuring it out? No problem! Click on the "Request Quote" on the image page and let me know where you are stumped.

Step 3 - Finishing Options

Every print offered for sale is hand selected by the Artist and is rotated into the Print to Order Gallery. The images are hand printed on select stock, curated and signed and then, depending on customer needs - can be delivered mounted and/or matted and framed. Next to each image is the artist's choice for print media types (metallic paper, giclee, matt, etc.) and ALL PRINTS are available either as a Print Only (you have it mounted and framed at your local framer); or a Dry Mounted Print; or mount and matted (single or double); or a Finished and "Ready to Hang" picture.

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